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 visual Research 




  • Scope out the vision and subject of your project, and feasible timeline & budget  

  • Deliver found images and footage, and respond to the material you are feeling, find more similar

  • Record and manage findings in easily-accessible log that is useful during all production stages 

Hazelwood Archival provides comprehensive visual research, rights clearance, licensing and media management services for filmmakers, creative directors, producers, editors & designers for any size or distribution of project including feature film, historical documentary, music video, internal marketing, out-of-home, or fine art. We will:



Finding footage and falling in love with it is common, but it's important to address any copyright and intellectual property issues, and to determine which permissions and clearances are necessary to obtain, and provide due attribution. We will help you develop an overall strategy for your project, and carry it out accordingly. Often this is done in conjunction with an Intellectual Property Counsel.

We also do music licensing and are experienced in dealing with music publishers, song writers, and various unions.

Service Fees are determined by the nature of the project, the scope of required clearances, the requested grant of rights, as well as the schedule and budget. We have flexible fee structures (ie. flat per project, or day rate).


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