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Hazelwood Archival provides comprehensive visual research, rights clearance, licensing and media management services for filmmakers, creative directors, producers, editors & designers for any size or distribution of project including feature film, historical documentary, music video, internal marketing, out-of-home, or fine art.  

 visual Research 

Turning over every stone to find the best visuals that will help you tell your story. Searching within an extensive array of footage vendors, archives, museums, individual collections from around the globe. Specialized skills to fulfill any request.



Addressing copyright and intellectual property issues with third party materials. Figuring out which permissions and clearances are necessary to obtain and how to credit them. Advising and working with Intellectual Property Counsel (can recommend attorneys specializing in this field).



Practical solutions for logging, tracking, and handling the photos, clips, ephemera, music and other materials that are brought in for your project. Accessibility  throughout the production's stages.

Service Fees are determined by the nature of the project, the scope of required clearances, the requested grant of rights, as well as the schedule and budget. We have flexible fee structures (ie. flat per project, or per day rate), which will be outlined in the project bid.


Guidance from the project's inception, through planning shoots based on what exists in archive material, through to final post-production. Scoping out the vision and subject of your project, timeline and licensing budget feasibility, and legal risks assessment. 



With over a decade of experience,  we have preferred licensing rates with the top news and stock vendors in the field, and will always negotiate on your behalf to ensure the spending on archival materials is within budget.



We also do music licensing and are experienced in dealing with music publishers, song writers, and various unions.

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